COVID-19: Impact on children and adolescents’ mental, educational and social functioning


“The Lost Years: an Integrative Review of the Mental Health,
Educational, and Social Impact of the Pandemic on Children
and Adolescents From 2019 to 2022″

The following was taken from the conclusion section of the following article that was recently
published from the Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology (2024) 10:49–90

“It is clear that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,
lockdown, quarantine, and extended social distancing
measures have had a deleterious effect on children and adolescents’
mental health, interpersonal relations, social
skills development, and academic achievement. Many
studies helped to elucidate these findings and provide
researchers with a pathway through which we can begin
to examine the long-term effects of the pandemic. We
now know that depending on the variable (i.e., mental
health, academic achievement, and the like), the effects
will vary depending on age during the pandemic, socioeconomic
influences, and access to mental health care. It
would behoove researchers to adopt a biopsychosocial-economic-cultural
lens while examining these variables.
Both the mental health and academic communities should
be identifying evidence-based interventions for those who
are at-risk and most impacted and begin to develop innovative ways to
deliver services and instruction at the earliest
possible time. Hopefully, should something like this occur
again, we will not only be better prepared to anticipate the
difficulties that children and adolescents face in the context of
social isolation and decreased access to academic
instruction, but also have the resources and mechanisms
in place to intervene early.”

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