Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive Rehabilitation is a therapeutic intervention aimed at retraining thinking skills disrupted with brain injuries and chronic conditions such as traumatic brain injury, strokes, etc. Cognitive rehabilitation has been empirically validated as a treatment modality for multiple brain conditions.

The NRS|LS Cognitive Rehabilitation Program offers an individualized treatment plan with a full range of services, from consult to treatment completion. The program begins with gathering objective data through the Neuropsychological Examination (NPE), which serves as the foundation for the patient’s individualized treatment approach.

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Program Assessment

The Cognitive Rehabilitation Program treats the following:

  • Language
  • Processing Speed
  • Reasoning/Abstraction
  • Flexibility of Thinking
  • Memory
  • Visual/Spatial
  • Insight/Judgement
  • Attention/Concentration

Generally, patients work with a trained cognitive therapist 3 times a week, for 2 hours per session. Computer exercises and paper and pencil tasks target specific deficits in patients’ thinking profile.

NRS|LS provides a variety of clinical services ranging from consultation, diagnostic testing, counseling, and other treatment options. Contact us to schedule your next appointment.