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5 Stars

Jan 6, 2024

I just saw Dr. Greco. I was so pleased that he took the time to listen, understand my issue and give me advice. I have been to other doctors and I just feel Dr. Greco was more attentive to me.  My neurologist told me to see him. Highly recommend him. Bob W.
5 Stars

Dec 2, 2023

My son was denied an IEP even though he struggles with reading. We hired a lawyer and the school still fought us. The lawyer told us to see Dr. Greco. My son did testing. After we submitted my son's report to his school they did exactly what Dr. Greco recommended. I wish I would have had him tested first so we didn't have to lose the entire school year. Dr. Greco was the best....we thank him for where our son is today. Melinda
5 Stars

Oct 28, 2023

I have nothing good to say about Dr. Greco. He really cares about his patients and you can tell. He knows exactly what he talking about and explains it in a way that you understand. we saw numerous doctors about my daughters problems they all dismissed it. When we saw Dr. Greco we were like FINALLY THANK GOD! SOMEONE IS GOING TO DO SOMETHING! SOMEONE IS FINALLY LISTENING TO US!
5 Stars

Sep 23, 2023

Dr Sica is incredible, intelligent, caring and very understanding. He took the time to listen to my husband and I with great diligence and we will be forever grateful for his professional guidance. Thank you Dr Sica.
5 Stars

Sep 16, 2023

I am a very assertive mother…I will speak my mind and do whatever I have to do for my three kids. I was recommended to Dr Greco to help my 10 year old son. After he tested him I did not agree with the results. He explained to me how he made his diagnosis and I was not convinced. After seven months I realized he was right. I didn’t like what I heard but he was right. I think most doctors just tell me what I want to hear so I won’t get upset. But Dr Greco told me straight out and I respect that now. I ended up bringing my other two kids to him. He has proven himself to me. My son is finally getting the help he needs. I give him 5 stars. Liz
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Learning Disabilities in Children: The Importance of Neuropsychological Evaluation

Learning disabilities are neurodevelopmental conditions that are characterized by impairments in reading, written expression, and mathematics. Specific skills that may be impacted by learning disabilities are word reading accuracy, reading fluency and comprehension, spelling, grammar, and math calculation. Impairment in these skills often goes unnoticed until a child reaches school age,

The Importance of Serial Neuropsychological Assessment

The Importance of Serial Neuropsychological Assessment

Serial neuropsychological assessment refers to assessing a patients neurocognitive and adaptive abilities at different intervals over time.  For example, baseline neuropsychological assessment occurs during the first time a patient is neuropsychologically evaluated and establishes a “baseline” of functions.  This may occur shortly after a patient had sustained a traumatic brain injury,

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