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5 Stars

Apr 21, 2024

Five stars isn't enough. Dr. Sica is a wonderful man. He took the time to explain to me what my testing would entail and afterwards, sat down with me for a deep and thorough review of my test results. I cannot imagine entrusting this important part of my care to anyone else. With many thanks, Catherine S.
5 Stars

Apr 14, 2024

Dr. Sica is a compassionate and kind man. My experience at his office sparked a few breakthroughs for me, and for that I am forever grateful. Not only did Dr. Sica listen to what my husband and I were saying, and was compassionate and kind, he was also direct and honest where need be. I needed that more than he was the start of my many breakthroughs to be my best self and "clean house"😉! I never had a doctor who was caring enough to talk in depth, listen intently, and give feedback without ever looking at his watch. We need more doctors like Dr. Sica and his professional staff in this ever-changing world we live in as they are sadly far and few between. My life has been changed at 52 years old thanks to Dr. Sica....he is just an amazing man with a heart, and I am so glad he is a part of my life and in my corner to direct me to my best self. Out of the dark and into the light... Always forward, never back. Thank you Dr. Sica and staff.... For everything! I am so very blessed!!! Love, Rachel S.
5 Stars

Apr 2, 2024

My daughter refused to speak to two neuropsychologists. Our school district told us to see Dr Greco. Well let’s say in 20 minutes they bonded!! He has a sincere way about him and he treated her like an adult. She repeated that and they connected immediately. I am grateful and I can wait to see what the tests show. Eileen
5 Stars

Jan 6, 2024

I just saw Dr. Greco. I was so pleased that he took the time to listen, understand my issue and give me advice. I have been to other doctors and I just feel Dr. Greco was more attentive to me.  My neurologist told me to see him. Highly recommend him. Bob W.
5 Stars

Dec 2, 2023

My son was denied an IEP even though he struggles with reading. We hired a lawyer and the school still fought us. The lawyer told us to see Dr. Greco. My son did testing. After we submitted my son's report to his school they did exactly what Dr. Greco recommended. I wish I would have had him tested first so we didn't have to lose the entire school year. Dr. Greco was the best....we thank him for where our son is today. Melinda
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