PPE Exam in Tinton Falls, NJ

NRS|LS utilizes a multi-dimensional approach in assessing chronic pain that collectively affects a patient’s quality of life.

These psychological and social factors, which if undetected, can significantly interfere with a patient’s pain and response to treatment. Our aim is to help identify the psychological obstacles that may undermine a patient from improving.

It is important to know which patient will benefit from specific treatments. NRS|LS can provide objective evidence of treatment effectiveness.

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How Effective is A Psychological Pain Examination?

Our examination can help practitioners, patients and insurance companies with the following:

  • A Patient’s Psychological Profile: Helpful with physical findings, before designing a treatment plan or pre-surgical intervention (i.e. DCS).
    Tracking Outcomes in terms of interventions: Intervention pain medicine, physical rehabilitation, multi-disciplinary pain programs, pre-surgical examination, Workers Compensation, disability evaluations, and IMEs.
  • Behavioral Medicine Pain Consultation: This addresses a patient’s fear/avoidance beliefs about his/her pain through education, and advice regarding the importance of returning to activities of daily living as soon as possible.
  • Behavioral Pain Examination: This defines a patient’s coping style, current emotional/behavioral issues, stress mediators, prognostics, receptivity to treatment, plus answers to a variety of other important questions.
  • Treatment: This comprises medical adjustment counseling® (learning to cope with his/her medical status), biofeedback (learning how to reduce pain levels), and guidance for the patient’s medical team.

What Are Presurgical Psychological Screenings?

Presurgical psychological screenings are a routine procedure for many surgical candidates, particularly those who plan to undergo a spinal procedure. Just as your physician performs diagnostic studies (e.g., X-rays, MRIs) it is necessary to evaluate your emotional readiness for some types of medical procedures. The purpose of this examination is to determine if there are any emotional or behavioral factors that may complicate your recovery or reduce the likelihood of a successful outcome. Insurance carriers often mandate presurgical psychological examinations and will not approve a procedure (e.g., stimulator trial) without this information.

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