Forensics/Legal Services

Neuropsychological testimony can define the functional outcome of acquired neurological injuries in the adjudicative process. At NRS|LS, our doctors can provide litigation support in: expert opinion, strategic case planning, and treatment recommendations.

Our primary goal is providing assistance to the trier of fact. Furthermore, our professional emphasis is upon what’s right, not who’s right. Finally, there is no over reliance upon patient self reported data. We aspire to pursue the scientific truth based upon our training, experience, and ethics, rather than advocate for or against a particular client’s legal interests.

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Our Testimony Parameters

Our testimony is offered in three areas: Civil, Probate, and Administrative. We accept plaintiff, defense, and consultative cases.

Our mission is to assist the trier of fact, without prejudice, define the parameters of the case in question by:

  1. Explaining the Nature of the Injury: Our neuropsychological examination can objectify if cognitive loss has occurred. This can occur due to brain injury or a psychological injury secondary to a MVA, work related accident, or a medical condition.
  2. The Cause of the Injury: We can provide an opinion as to the probable source leading to the patient’s injuries and losses.
  3. Permanency & Rehabilitation: Degree of the patient’s future cognitive and psychological residuals, besides rehabilitation needs. Includes quality of life, work, and family relationships.
  4. Symptom Analysis: The legitimacy of the patient’s neuropsychological and psychological complaints.

NRS Forensics

Neuropsychological Legal Support Services

  • Testimony on behalf of plaintiff and defense cases
  • Personal injury: causation and damages
  • Probate-testamentary competence, and Will contests
  • Administrative (workers’ compensation, social security, disability)
  • Medical malpractice
  • Medical-Neuropsychological record review
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Symptom validity analysis

Dr. Sica’s Credentials

  • 35 years of clinical experience in private practice and hospital consultations
  • Board certified
  • Listed, National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology
  • Staff member, Neuroscience Division, Meridian Health Care System, Jersey Shore University Medical Center

NRS Legal Presentations

About Dr. Sica

NRS|LS provides a variety of clinical services ranging from consultation, diagnostic testing, counseling, and other treatment options. Contact us to schedule your next appointment.