The Benefits of Ecotherapy and Your Mental Health

Before exploring the benefits of ecotherapy for your mental health, it helps to understand what specifically is ecotherapy. Ecotherapy is simply a form of therapeutic treatment that involves outdoor activities while in nature. Instead of focusing on your health, ecotherapy allows you to focus on an activity while out in greenery. Examples are, but not limited to gardening, hiking, working with animals, water-based activities, etc. By taking place in these activities, clients have reported fewer depression symptoms, attention problems, anger, and lowered stress levels.

Not only does ecotherapy help with mental health, it also can create a space for individuals who are looking to increase relationships and connections with others. Joining a gardening group or a water sport (i.e., paddleboarding, surfing, etc.) for example, are not only ways to incorporate ecotherapy but ways to improve relationships. Ecotherapy can also go well with talk or trauma therapy. Overall, this type of therapy is best suited for clients looking to work on easing depression or anxiety symptoms. Veterans, or anyone experiencing PTSD, and children with ADHD may also benefit from a nature-based therapy.

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