What are some daily activities that the Neuropsychological Examination (NPE) can assess?

A person suffering from different forms of dementia places significant pressure upon the spouse, children, and extended family members. Additionally, it becomes confusing when your loved one with dementia is better one day versus another in how they think and behave. What do you do when you are unsure of someone’s capabilities? How can you plan a schedule? How comfortable are you if your loved one with dementia is driving, cooking, handling money, credit cards, and obvious problems are noted?

The NPE is the “blueprint” explaining the patient’s ability to function with regard to activities of daily living, independent living skills, cognition, emotion, and behavior.

Below are some example areas that the NPE can answer:

  •  Driving ability.
  • Independent activities of daily living.
  • Taking care of finances.
  • Level of independence.
  • Adjusting to unexpected changes.
  • Taking care of personal hygiene.
  • Remembering locations and work-like procedures.
  • Detailed instructions.
  • Maintaining a schedule and self-reliance.
  • Interacting appropriately with general public.
  • Overall summary of level of functioning.

Needless to say, there are many other areas of appraisal that maybe unique to your loved one.  We can answers those for you.

If we can be of help in answering any of your questions and plan a course of treatment for you, please give us a call and schedule a consultation.


Robert B. Sica, Ph.D., ABN, FACPN
Board-Certified in Neuropsychology # 84, #255
Director, Principal, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Services|LifeSpan
Fellowship/Residency Supervisor
Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Neuroscience Division
Clinical Assistant Professor, Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Clinical Assistant Professor, Seton Hall – Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine