The consultation is the entry into appropriate and effective treatment.  Proper procedural adequacy is of utmost importance.  Consultation is required as a beginning place where the neuropsychologist or psychologist’s clinical judgment enters the process concluding with a plan of treatment. The consultation provides the opportunity to obtain the maximum relevant information from the patient and relevant material in this limited period validating the patient’s concerns and making him/her feel understood.

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While listening to the patient, we are aware and understand different brain/psychological conditions are associated with different neuropsychological profiles.  Thus, the consultation is a type of screening enabling us to better determine how to serve and treat you.  The consultation will answer a variety of important diagnostic and treatment-related questions.  In fact, the most important questions to be answered are:  The referral question, that is, why are you here? What does the patient have? What are the symptoms and how do they manifest in daily functioning, and how can we help with treatment?  Our approach is taking you from consultation- entry through discharge.  All clinical services are provided by NRS|LS.

Examples regarding consultation referral questions are the following but not limited to:

  • What are the behavioral and thinking changes since widely different causative conditions will require entirely different therapeutic measures?
  • What specification of neurocognitive brain changes is important for treatment, management, and disposition?  What conclusions are made about the patient’s behavior?  How he/she functions in the environment? Properly advising the patient and family how to maximize daily functioning.
  • What are my child’s strengths, weaknesses, diagnosis, and proper treatment plan including addressing the home life, school, etc.
  • The neuropsychological examination (NPE) serves as the “blueprint” to answer these questions.  In general, other psychological methods of appraising the patient’s capacity tend to rely too heavily upon the patient’s self-report or subjective “feel” which is not a scientifically driven principle.
  • Question regarding the patient’s more subtle higher levels of thinking, e.g., analysis, synthesis, and judgment are often missed with conventional psychological batteries.  Without answering the question regarding cognitive capacity for home, school, and work, the stage is set for maladaptive development.
  • The question regarding capacity for medical decision making, independent medication regimen taking, living alone, driving, financial management, academic planning, etc., can be determined once the consultation plan is devised.
  • NRS|LS utilizes an evidence-based neuropsychological approach beginning with the consultation that will determine a treatment plan and answer the question for why you were referred and ease your concerns via a professionally concerned exchange of question and answer.  Just as important, NRS|LS shall provide a comprehensive continuation of care.

NRS|LS provides a variety of clinical services ranging from consultation, diagnostic testing, counseling, and other treatment options. Contact us to schedule your next appointment.